Our Philosophy and Process


Our Philosophy & Process.

Our philosophy is built on a basic foundation: our client's interest must and always come first.

Our team has developed and refined our proprietary process, over several decades, to help the families we serve achieve their desired outcomes, whether it is a work optional lifestyle, realizing philanthropic dreams, or ensuring their legacy is passed from generation to generation.  Our process, which continually evolves as you and your needs do, helps complete this puzzle.

One of our core beliefs is that understanding the relationship between financial planning and investing is a key to long term success.  We strive to have a deep understanding of our client's goals, desires, aspirations, and even fears.  We start every relationship by taking the time to know you.  After all, would you feel comfortable receiving a prescription from a doctor if they failed to ask what was ailing you? Investment strategy recommendations should be given the same amount of care.  

Our Wealth Management process requires that we have a firm understanding of your personal situation and objectives.  We will then begin customizing an investment strategy comprised of various investments, including, but not limited to low cost ETFs and No-Load mutual funds, individual bonds, and for those that have the risk appetite, individual equities.  

After 40 years of serving families financial needs, we understand no two client situations and experiences are identical, hence the need for customization.  We do not believe in a one size fits all approach and pride ourselves in the ability to develop strategies based on you and your family's particular desires.  We also understand not every person needs nor wants a full financial plan.  We have a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ to address these needs should you want expert advice on topics ranging from savings goals, retirement readiness, cash flow needs in retirement, including social security income analysis, as well as tax, charitable, trust, and estate planning.

Please see our Wealth Management Services page to discover more about each particular service we provide.

We are experts in Behavioral Finance in or the study how human nature and emotions impacts financial decisions and utilize it throughout the Wealth Management process in an attempt increase the success of our investment management and financial planning.

Lastly, we understand that life happens.  Clients make career changes, retire, or even relocate geographically.  Children grow up, some go to college, some marry, some have children of their own.  As your life evolves, so will your needs.  The learning aspect in the relationship we have with the families we serve is never ending.  We will modify or add various strategies as your financial needs evolve.  Regular and thoughtful communication with our families is extremely important to us.